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A series of articles published by Dr Robert Gant examining the social trends of Caldicot and the surrounding area.

Dr Robert Gant is Honorary Research Fellow at the Local History Centre at Kingston University, West London. He was formerly Deputy Head of the School of Earth Sciences and Geography at Kingston University.
A native of Brecon, he conducted extensive fieldwork in the Caldicot area in the late 1960s and has retained a long-term interest in the human geography of Monmouthshire, publishing many articles in Gwent Local History, the journal of the Gwent Local History Council. 

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1970 The Severn Tunnel construction force: a study in the interpretation of ecclesiastical records
  Presenting Monmouthshire, Vol 2, pp 3-8
1972 Socio-economic structures in south-east Monmouthshire 1851-1861: an analysis of census enumerators' schedules
  Presenting Monmouthshire, Vol 3, pp 14-29 and Vol 4, pp 8-17
1972 Sudbrook: a planned Victorian village
  The Village, Vol 27, pp 64-67
1973 Post-Roman Caerwent: a study in village evolution
  Presenting Monmouthshire, Vol 3, pp 6-19
1976 A note on the employment and migration of Severn Tunnel construction workers
  Gwent Local History, Vol 4, pp 31-37
1978 Caldicot 1840-1978. A study in village development
  Gwent Local History, Vol 44, pp 7-13 and 19-26
1978 Rogiet: a study in social geography
  Gwent Local History, Vol 45, pp 27-32
1983 Portskewett 1881: a community profile
  Gwent Local History, Vol 55, pp 9-16
1985 Caldicot Wireworks 1871. A study in social geography
  Gwent Local History, Vol 58
1987 Industrial change in Caldicot and Portskewett. An analysis of marriage registers 1840-1920
  Gwent Local History, Vol 62, pp 35-39  
1991 Old people, recollections and fieldwork practice  
  Journal of the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers, Vol 20, pp 40-45  
1994 All Change in the railway communities of south east Gwent  
  Gwent Local History, Vol 77, pp 30-36  
1995 Portskewett 1891: a census geography  
  Gwent Local History, Vol 79, pp 29-36  
2006 Continuity and change in Portskewett: an interpretation of the 1901 census returns  
  Gwent Local History, Vol 101, pp 41-54  
2007 School records as a source of community studies: Sudbrook 1881-1895  
  Gwent Local History, Vol 103, pp 59-70  
2008 School records, family migration and community history: insights from Sudbrook and the construction of the Severn Tunnel  
  Family and Community History, Vol 11, pp 27-44  
2011 The construction of Wentwood Reservoir: a profile of the 'navvy gang' 1901  
  Gwent Local History, Vol 110, pp 31-50



















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